We of the Wichita Community Church, are Thankful for our prayers being answered.  
Through God doings and Prayer.  Thankful of all the Help through Master Church Builders and  Louisiana Associations and the Many Help and Children who Helped and Transport Company for Material Handling and Mills for the Wood and Many Who Donated to Make this Happen.  In Raising the Church and I am able Ministries in helping with the Foundation and Dirt work.  
Our New Friends that are now a part of the Wichita Community Church Family. 
Also would like to say Thank you to AB Central Region Disaster Response Team and Women and Central Region and National Ministries and Anadarko  Presbyterian Church and Southern Methodist and Nazarene Church and Thank You to Norman Dale Baptist Church for their help and Contributions toward the Church Rebirth.
Many Congregations have came through the doors  of the church. Which was established in the late 1800'S. 

Under Blue Skies, Peaceful nights, Songs and Prayers that would fill the Night.

Wichita Community Church has been serving the community and families for that long.
Many have found God through the years.  Our hope is to Continue to Serve the Community another 100 years, God Willing. There is a need for our Church in this Community now so, more than Ever. 

If you wish to Help or Donate in the Efforts at Wichita Community Church there's always Work to be Done in the Name of the Lord.  

You can Contact Damon Smith Pastor
(405) 933-0923