A Time To Rebuild
When we lost our Church, Community Center, and beautiful landscape we were all deeply saddened. The grief process is very much real, our thoughts and prayers are with the people who have had something like this happen in their lives. However, we are the children of God, and it is with our faith that we know our Church will be rebuilt. As with our Lord Jesus Christ, we will rise again only to be stronger and more solid in the world.

The Wichita Community Church doors are always open to anyone in need. Through  our Church we all have met many fine people. We feel that now is the time for rebuilding. We feel that now is the time for rebuilding, to once again have a place of our own. A place where we all can worship our Lord and Savior. 

Our Vision For The Future
Once again our Church will be a place for worshipping. A place where we can do youth work and service our community. However most importantly, a place where we all can do the work of God and to worship and praise him for all the good things He's done for our lives.

New Sanctuary inside Wichita Community Church